The Games at Escape Sheffield

Today we’re looking at escape games at Escape Sheffield, and we hope you find them interesting enough to make you want to book a room with us. We love to see our customers enjoy themselves and we’ll make sure you have a good time while you’re here. All our rooms are chosen from popular culture and this could be either a famous character from a book, a well-known series of films and books or possibly a well-known and well-loved game.

Witchcraft and wizardry.

This is a little Harry Potter magic for those who are keen on the child magician. Here, you’ll be locked in a magic themed room where there are all sorts of tricks, puzzles, challenges and spells that you will have to solve before you can get out. You’ll need to find as many pieces of your uniform as you can before you can unlock the door, and you’re going to need all the help you can get from your teammates. 


This is a game of find the vaccine, where you’ll need to fight and win against the lock down on your laboratory. You’ve got 60 minutes before all your work on the vaccine will be erased. You’ll need to get the job done or humanity will suffer – are you and your team ready for the challenge, and can you win?


Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a spy? Well there’s plenty of conspiracy going on here. You’re in a journalist’s office, you don’t know how to get out and you don’t know why you’re even in here. You were kidnapped and brought here hooded, and now you find yourself in this room. You’ll need to work out al the secrets this room contains in order to escape successfully. 

221B Baker Street.

If you love Sherlock Holmes then you’ll love this. This is all about code breaking, and other delicious problems and plenty of symbolism. Your task will be to break in to that famous street and defeat Sherlock’s fail safes and retrieve some of Holmes’s most prized possessions. Are you up for it? Keep in mind you only have an hour, and of course Dr Watson and Sherlock are after you the whole time.

Escape Games Sheffield – for the best hour of your day.

So now you know all the games we have at Sheffield and we’d love to see you here. Just book the themed room of your choice online or over the phone. We’ll give you a warm welcome and we know you’ll have the time of your life while you’re here. Your room awaits!