What are Escape Rooms?

Someone may have mentioned the escape rooms to you and now you’re wondering what they are, after all they seem really popular and everyone is talking about them – that’s because they are. It’s because they’re one of the most original and unique interactive games in the world. We see how successful and popular they’ve become because we see enough people come through our doors to see how much they enjoy it. 

But what are escape rooms?

Well an Escape Game is all about er…...escaping… a room. We have several, and each one is furnished and decorated in line with a certain theme. The theme is usually taken from popular culture, and it could be either a game or a movie. Witchcraft & Wizardry, Contagion, 221B Baker Street and Espionage are the games we have here at Sheffield. Sound good to you? That’s because they are. 

What purpose can escape rooms serve?

Well, you’ll be locked in one of these rooms for an hour. During that hour you’ll have to find some cleverly concealed clues and puzzles, collect them and then finally, as a group, work them all out and escape the room within the 60 minutes. 

Does your team have what it takes to escape?

You’ll need a good team with a collective sharp eye, excellent communication skills and perfectly formed problem-solving and analytical skills so you can work the clues out and unlock the room’s door. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy the thrill of the chase, playing against the clock and that delicious sense of urgency, then Escape Games are for you. Don’t worry if you get a bit claustrophobic because we can either leave the door unlocked throughout your time in the room or keep it open.

Escape Sheffield – Take on the Escape Room Challenge

So, now you know more, are you going to book your escape room? We hope so because we can’t wait to see you here – we’re a friendly team and we always give our clients a warm welcome when they arrive. Just book your room online or on the phone and we’ll see you here at Escape Sheffield.