What NOT To Do in an Escape Room?

Let’s look at what not to do in an Escape Room so when you come here you will know the rules and have plenty of time left to simply enjoy yourself. By setting out the what-you-can-and-what-you-can’t-pretty-early-on, we know there’s plenty of time left for you to enjoy yourself. The next time you come to Escape Sheffield, you can just focus on enjoying yourself instead. 

Don’t touch means exactly that

We always tell our visitors to take notice of the “do not touch signs” - they’re there for a reason. Everything is set out in a particular way for a reason, to make the game more enjoyable and for you to be able to follow the instructions and flow of the game much easier. If you damage something you’ll be expected to pay for it, so be careful with what you see and look out for the signs. 

Breaking anything is a no-no if you can help it

The items in the room are placed there to enhance the experience, and to mimic the chosen theme as authentically as possible. Break something and it’ll ruin the experience for both of us and again, you’ll have to foot the bill. 

Don’t run off with anything

Yes, some of those items are brilliant, aren't they? It takes us a long time and tremendous hard work to create a themed room, so when we lose some of our items, no matter that we have more than one, it costs us money to replace it eventually. Eventually we run out of items and then we have to go out and buy some more, so please don’t, no matter how tempting. 

Please don’t climb

No, this is not a children’s park or the zoo, so please don't climb up everywhere. It’s really not necessary, you don’t have to climb over the furniture or the shelving or anything else that may look climbable. The reason for this is because we don’t make it necessary for anyone to have to climb. You can simply search where the clues are around the room where we’ve hidden them - in reasonably accessible areas. If you climb and you break something, well that won’t be good for you or us, plus please don’t turn up drunk as that wouldn’t be good either, especially if you’re then asked to leave.

The rules are there to keep you safe and it’s our number one priority to do so, so don’t make it difficult for us to do our job. That way you can have a great time and enjoy yourself without having to worry about doing yourself a mischief and being escorted out of the building!

Escape Sheffield - for the time of your life

So now you know, you can come here and enjoy the game, just the game without having to worry about anything else. While in the meantime, we can get on with our job of making sure the rooms are perfect for you and your team to play. We want you to have the time of your life while you’re here so obey the rules - and you will.