History’s Most Daring Escapes

We’re looking at history’s most daring escapes today and we think you’ll agree with us that these are quite the most impressive escapes that have ever been made. We’re also hoping it’ll inspire you to come on down and try the Escape Games phenomena yourselves here in Sheffield. Read on and see how teamwork and determination got these people out of a locked room.


This is or was, seen - as it is no longer in use, - considered impenetrable and that no one could escape. Unfortunately, though they could. This is highly impressive seen as they were on an island in the Pacific. It was well guarded and built to keep people in. However, someone did escape in 1962 and they were never found, some believe he drowned, which could possibly be someone making an excuse because he escaped in the first place.  Of course, it was all planned, where they all met in a closet (Yes, I know) and built paddles and a raft. To top it all off they climbed some pipes, up and over the 30ft high walls. That’s teamwork for you, and as you can imagine, it’s this kind of teamwork that will get you out of our Escape Rooms. 

Harry Houdini

Was famous for escaping from the most impossible situations, most of his own creation because he was an escape artist. The Water Torture Cell was the most famous of his creations where he would lock himself inside a water tank and then escape within seconds and avoid drowning. There was always an axe to break the glass should he find that he was unable to escape, but luckily, and cleverly for Houdini he never needed to use it. The unique situation you’ll be in with our Escape Rooms should help you to feel pretty innovative in thinking about how you’ll get out – especially as you’ll be working against the clock.

The Great Escape

Prisoners of war were constantly trying to escape Colditz, the world famous prisoner of war camp. Talking of plans, they had the plan to end all plans, with a 300ft long and 30ft deep tunnel – digging carefully so as to muffle sounds and carefully concealing any sand they dug up. They worked together and again we’re looking at that wonderful teamwork you’ll need when you come into our Escape Rooms. Work together, recognise your surroundings and familiarise yourself with the layout and then go to work. Working together as a team you’ll have a better chance of getting out within the hour. 

Escape Games Sheffield – for the most inspired escapes

So now you know how some others did it, why not come down and try it yourself? We know you’ll love it, so don’t delay and book your room either on the phone or online. We can’t wait to see you!