Escape From Your Studies

When you’re a student, you're bound to feel bogged down occasionally, what with the essay deadlines, and searching for online articles and journals, it’s enough to leave you wrung out. There you are marching back and forth to the library to search for books and references that will lead you inexorably closer to that all important essay mark, but you know you’re on the fast train to burn out. We suggest you down tools and make your way here to Escape Sheffield where you’ll find the best form of escapism there is. 

Locked in and forced to socialise with those you love most in the world. Here you’ll be locked in a room with a group of between 2 to 6 others, and have to find several clues and puzzles which you’ll need to work out correctly. Once you do this you’ll discover how to unlock the room. Oh, and you’ll need to do this within 60 minutes. It’s a great way to unwind, forget your studies and spend quality time with friends.

Bring new people too, ones who can break the ice and get to know you and your friends. And while we’re on that subject - just think, quality time with those you haven’t seen in a while. And you can also bring in those who you don’t know that well too, those who haven’t had a chance to meet anyone yet, because our escape rooms are the perfect place to break the ice. 


Shout, laugh and talk - and put your phones away for an hour. In an Escape Room, communication is key because it’s only by talking and working together while you’re in the room can you hope to find the clues and escape in time. So there’s no opportunity to leave anyone out - you’ll have to work as a team. It’s the perfect opportunity interact, laugh and have a brilliant time. 

All our rooms are themed.

These themes are taking from ideas in popular culture, ones as well-known as Sherlock Holmes through to Harry Potter and Area 51. The rooms will be completely kitted out from ceiling to floor and it’ll be furnished just how you’d imagine it, in keeping with the theme. This makes for some great fun and capturing your imagination. 

Escape Sheffield - offering a form of escapism.

students come back for time and again. Yes, we do see the same students come back for more, as we know you will, so we strongly suggest you get your friends and fellow cohorts together and make your way to the best game in town for a truly unique form of escape from those books and laptops. We can’t wait to see you here, book online or over the phone.