How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’ve booked an escape room with us here at Escape Sheffield, you’ll be wanting to know what it takes to be successful. After all you only have one hour in which to escape so that’s not much time. We’re going to give you a few hints and tips, so you have a fighting chance of beating the clock, so read on for how to be successful.

Variety of skillsets 

The first thing we’d advise is that you have a team with a wide variety of skills to bring to the room. You’ll need to solve a series of clues which are hidden all over the room, so problem-solving, analytical and communication skills are all essential, as well as the ability to get on with everyone and who can come together as a team rather than someone who acts as if they are playing alone.

Search everywhere

You’ll need to have eyes everywhere and be willing to search high and low and in each corner. When you find them (the clues), make sure you place them in one central place where you can work your way through each one once you’ve collected all of them. Don’t leave them randomly all over the room or you could lose one, and by losing one you could lose the entire game. 

Move on if you’re stuck

Don’t stay stuck on one particular clue, move on if you have to. If you do get stuck, then move on and check out the next one. You could be wasting precious time if you focus on one clue, you can always come back to it later. 

Don’t allow big egos to take over

If someone is trying to dominate the game, then perhaps you shouldn’t have invited them along. This is a team game, and everyone has an opportunity to play, so rather than allow one person to dominate, either don’t invite them or ask them to let others have a chance too, so you all get to play the game and enjoy the experience. 

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If you now think you can win the game, why not book an escape room and come down? We’d love to see you, and we think that even if you don’t win, you’ll still enjoy yourself, it’s great fun and we can’t wait to see all of you and your friends here, so book today.