What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities?

We know that our escape rooms play a strong role in helping bosses and team leaders to find the best skills in their team, and to identify who has leadership skills, who has a leaning towards one type of particular skill, and who needs to build and train in certain areas. So, if you’re not convinced so far, we’re going to tell you the benefits of team building activities and how that plays into our escape rooms.

Tapping into the hidden potential of your team

Yes, by utilising a really useful and action-packed game (such as escape games) you can tap into your team’s hidden potential and find out where their strengths truly lie. Once you have a better idea of what their strengths are you can utilise these in the work place, allocating jobs to the right people. If you’re planning on a large, potentially lucrative project, then it pays to build your team to a winning level.

Escape Games are the right games for your team

The right games that motivate people are the ones that push them to perform at their very best, individually as well as at a team level. That way you’ll be able to identify the key players of your team. Diversity is all very well but you need to know who’s good at what and where you can place people.

Boost Morale

As well as identifying your team’s skills, the whole venture will help to boost morale too. The 9 – 5 can be monotonous at times, and if you let your team know you understand this, and then give them a day out, then you’re showing appreciation and helping them to unwind and have fun on work time. This also helps to build trust, by letting your team let their hair down once in a while.

Improve Working Relationships

A team building activity will help to build new and healthy working relationships, and strengthen the ones they already have. If you have colleagues who work well together, then you’ll have a team that performs better, so that extra effort to get them out of the office will pay back over time.

Ice Breaker

Yes, there’ll be some members of your team who may be a little shy and tend to hide away in the confines of typical office culture, but get them away and you may see a completely different side. There might also be members of your team who are new to the company, and taking them out of the office environment and into a team building activity, might be just what they need to help them break the ice with their new colleagues.

Escape Sheffield For The Best in Team Building

As we’ve seen, team building activities have a lot of advantages and will help you to create the most dynamic team you can, so all your projects from this point forwards are the best they can be. So why not get in touch, and not only will you help create a fantastic atmosphere for your team, you’ll also have some fun! Get your team down here for the great escape room game challenge, 60 minutes to escape, puzzles and clues to solve.